March of Empires

Take control of the kingdom!

Conquer the Throne in an epic Imperial Siege

March of Empires

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It is time for war, as you begin the Imperial Siege. March of Empires 25th update has you join a multi-realm conquest as you battle for the Throne of Might. Up to six realms will come together and fight for the right to rule – but only one can ascend to the Throne. Can you unite your people and rise to the challenge or will you fall?

Prepare for victory

There are two phases to this inter-realm war. As the first of these begin, all active marches are canceled and if you are on the Throne of Might or a Seat of Power you will be returned to your Alliance’s territory.

It is in the first stage that you lay the foundations for victory. This Build-up Phase allows you to prepare for battle.


Build and upgrade your army by collecting War Supplies. You can do this by occupying War Supply Storage tiles within the Seat of Power regions. If you manage to completely deplete one of these resources, you receive bonus War Supplies – so it’s always worth occupying these vital tiles.

Develop savage Siege Towers to render your enemies walls impotent. However, at the same time, you must be fortifying your home realm’s Defensive Garrisons to protect against your enemies attacks. Once these defenses fall, all that will be left between your Throne of Might and defeat is a wall – a which point you are at the mercy of your foes own towers.

You must keep both your attacking and defending armies strong. To help with this there is a selection of structures. Build and upgrade Healing Tents to patch up both your armies. Construct an Armory to provide the best equipment to increase their attack and defense. Finally, create a Rally Point from which to coordinate your war efforts.

Launch your attack

In the Siege Phase, you must attack and conquer your foes in devastating battles. Crush defenses, and raze their wall on your march to victory. And, if you can win the Imperial Siege, then your realm shall enjoy a golden feast.

When attacking, you must first take down the Defensive Garrison by mobilizing your Siege Tower. Once enough troops are inside – or the timer expires - the clash between the Tower and the Garrison begin. Defenders can reinforce too, ensuring a truly sensational clash.


Every defeat a Defensive Garrison suffers will see their overall damage go up, while a victory will decrease it (slightly). Eventually, if they are destroyed, the attacking armies will progress onward to strike at the Throne of Might. Create a Rally Point at which to gather your troops and attack.

At this point, the defenders can still rally too. This means, in this final push, there will be furious battles. Each side must scramble all of their forces for this, as victories earn them more War Supplies to continue the fight.

It’s good to be the king (or the Emperor)

While building up your War Supplies, you will also generate Imperial Tokens. Your realms Emperor can use these to unleash special Emperor’s Skills. These powerful buffs could give your realm a significant edge.

Ranging from the Assault ability (which grants +100% Health and Attack for all Siege battles for 30 minutes) to Emergency Repairs (that instantly repairs the single most damaged unit in a Defensive Garrison by 50%), these can turn the tide of battle. But only if used correctly!

For those rulers who find the Imperial Siege too daunting, update 25 still has plenty for you too. New Research at the academy enables six new technologies in Era VI to make you even stronger. You may even find yourself using these abilities against The Savages, a fresh PvE challenge for you to face.

Set your battle lines and begin your assault on other realms in March of Empires, available to download for free now on iOS, Android, Windows, and Steam. For all the latest news, you can also follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.