March of Empires

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March of Empires

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Prepare to raid your opponent’s coffers, and secure your grip on the throne with March of Empires's latest update. Bursting with new features and balance changes – this is one update worth going to war for. Plus, with lots of tweaks to make the game easier to start for new players, there could be more people than ever to fight.

A Path of Glory

Longtime fans of Gameloft's strategy game, March of Empires, already have a well-established empire. However, newcomers can find establishing themselves in a Realm a daunting task.


To combat this Path of Glory, has been introduced - a quest-line for new players that consists of five missions that unlock one-by-one. You have five days to complete these, and doing so provides you with powerful items and equipment to help you begin your search for power.

The old king

Once these are complete, or the five days run out, new players join with others to reap the benefits of the Login Streak Calendar. This new addition provides daily rewards to aid all MoE rulers.


While these daily gifts of resources can be a help, the real goal should be the monthly bounty. By logging in for 30 consecutive days you can get a huge reward. The first month will net dedicated players 4,000 gold on the first day of the following month.

Rule with distinction

Other features of the update are coming next week. On March 20th, you can start enjoying the Faction Rebalances.


The MoE team decided it was time to rework Faction bonuses to make them more impactful when deciding strategy. This sees Kings, Tsars, and Sultans all gaining specific boost to Army and Economy. For example, Kings will receive – among other bonuses - a 15% bump to their army’s Swordmen Attack and 30% to their Construction Speed.

A smooth rule

A broad range of quality of life and UI improvements are also in the update. Menu and leader-board refinements make tasks more intuitive. Plus, you can now see the formation of your attacker’s army before a conflict – ideal for the canny commander.


Accompanying all of this is a change to the chat channel that allows you to strategize with others in your Union Alliance in private - away from prying eyes. From March 18th you can also share map coordinates via the mail system. This is designed to help your Alliance send the resources you need before a big battle.

Finally a new PvE encounter will kick off on March 19th. This features the Amazon tribe - take on these powerful warrior women. Raid their camps for loot and equipment.

Join the battle in March of Empires on Android, iOS, and Windows. And follow the game on Facebook and YouTube for all the latest news.