Build your own paradise in Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2

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Step on to your own tropical island in Little Big City 2Gameloft’s sun-soaked city management sim. Enjoy the fantastic weather as you strive to develop your new island home into a magnificent metropolis. Join with the Mayor and his wacky team of advisors to make your very own island paradise.


Build your dream

It is no small undertaking, building the city of your dreams, but Little Big City 2 is here to help. From the very beginning the game helps you guide development. Pick whether you want to be an industrial tycoon, a devotee of Silicon Valley, or a follower of the arts. Choose wisely, because whichever you pick will dictate how your city grows and develops.


To make your city uniquely yours, you can also unlock unique landmarks and buildings. Not only do these give a striking look to the city, but they also provide resources to attract new citizens.

Not all of your resources are generated passively by buildings – some you have to import. By heading to the sea you can direct boats into harbor to get bonuses. The additional rewards this mini-game brings in can help you develop your city more quickly.


Get inspired

If you are feeling short on ideas you can visit your friends' islands for inspiration. See how they have developed their town, and discover new strategies to better reach your own goals.

You don’t have to rely on friends to give you ideas, the Mayor and his staff are also on hand. Not only will this dedicated (but off-the-wall) team of advisors help you create your dream city but they also guide you through the missions and tricky scenarios that continually pop-up as you expand. Tying into the game’s larger story, you will have to heed your advisors to successfully complete these tasks.


Face the challenge

Missions are not the only challenge you and your city will face. Your city is alive, and challenges will spring up organically depending on how you have shaped it.

You must be ready to respond to these spontaneous trials appropriately, because every day the news reports on your progress. These Daily News reports let you know your latest achievements. Be sure to do your best to keep the press onside!

Transform your very own island into a bustling metropolis beyond your wildest imagination in Little Big City 2 for Android! In this top-notch city management simulation, you'll work with the Mayor and his quirky cohorts to build it into the best paradise it can be.

News just in!

Little Big City 2's last update delivered even more sun-soaked fun. An intriguing new storyline has the Mayor's plans to install a luxury pool thwarted as the building process unearths the remnants of an ancient tribe! Fortunately the famous archaeologist Professor Chadwick is on hand to take care of this historical find. He is happy to dig out every relic, restore the cultural remains, and resurrect the tribe's lost fleet.

You can join in on this archeological fun by searching the beach for parts of a Totem pole. The more parts you find the higher the Totem grows, bringing with it bonuses for your island.

The ancient city was found beneath Turtle island! Let's help professor Chedwick to recover it!

Little Big City 2 is out now for Android on Google Play. Download it for free and start building paradise now. You can also look out for more news on the game on Gameloft's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.