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Iron Blade

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Enter an adventure filled with intense frenetic combat in Gameloft’s fantasy action RPG, Iron Blade. Become a Templar Knight and fight the encroaching evil of the Demon Lord Baal. Level-up and customize your hero to defeat all who stand in your way as you journey through an epic quest.

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An epic journey

Picking up Iron Blade there is one thing that becomes instantly apparent – it looks incredible. Gameloft’s medieval action game is stunning. Discover diverse locations as you travel across medieval Europe, from Scotland to Transylvania. All meticulously designed to faithfully evoke the period and setting.

Most impressive are the castles, which tower over stone squares and the areas beyond creating a stunning sense of scale. This is further accentuated by the variety Iron Blade injects into each area. From dark and foreboding to ornate and regal - every location has a sense of place that makes you feel part of its world.


An evil foe and mysterious past

But this is no sightseeing tour. Taking the role of Damian - a Templar Knight - you are propelled through a tale of malevolent evil and a mysterious forgotten past. Baal's minions are attempting to resurrect their Demon Lord and, if they succeed, the world faces a peril only you can defeat.

Baal is able to use his powers to control an immense army. These hordes range from twisted cultists to actual hell-spawn. If that wasn't enough, every chapter of Iron Blade’s story is punctuated by a terrifying boss with its own abilities and look.


Regardless of size, every foe is brought to life in-game with painstaking detail. Every dent in a foot soldier’s armor, glowing eye of a zombie, or shattered horn of a demon helps weave a dramatic and threatening tone into this dark-medieval fantasy.

Vicious combat

Fortunately, despite these odds, the intuitive controls ensure that you are easily able to access all of Damian's considerable abilities. He moves between opponents automatically. This leaves you to focus on mastering the all-important input timings required to chain together combos.


Taps and swipes on the left side of the screen let you block and parry, while the right side of the screen controls melee and ranged attacks. Finally, at the bottom of the screen are Damian’s special abilities - like the shield bash, which knocks down all in its path.

The combat is visceral. Take out foes at close range with a flurry of attacks, before drawing his bow to strike those at a distance. Use finishers to execute them in a gory and glorious fashion.


Level-up and grab amazing loot

But even with all of these skills, a Templar must be properly equipped. Fight your way through the story and Weekly Events to unlock gear and weapons. Gaining high ranks in missions, and playing on harder difficulties, results in even greater rewards.

Completing missions gains experience for Damian and his equipment. Leveling-up gains access to active skills (like new moves) and passive skills (such as increased arrow capacity). Further depth comes from the ability to Fuse and Evolve weapons to gain extra powers and abilities, including imbuing them with elemental effects such as flame.


Your order of the Templar

Iron Blade’s multiplayer is also on hand to help Damian gain experience, loot, and tokens. You build your own stronghold then develop its defenses and garrison. Now it is time to prepare it to defend against other players as they try to loot your resources in this asymmetric PVP.

Fortunately, you can return the favor if you are invaded. Attack other players' strongholds online and battle your way through their waves of troops and defenses to raid their keep! Success earns you extra loot and tokens to help you improve your character in-game and further improve your stronghold.

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