Show us your #TemplarPose to win big Iron Blade prizes

Iron Blade

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My fellow Templar, the wonderful Iron Blade team wish to reward three among our ranks. If you believe you are wearing the coolest, strongest, or most unusual armor, then you could be walking away from this competition with a host of incredible rewards. To enter, all you have to do is head over to the #TemplarPose competition page on Facebook.

Strike your foes and a pose

Pride is one of the seven cardinal sins that we, as Templars, must strive to avoid. However, when it will aid in our battle against evil, we can embrace it for a moment. Now is one of those times, because Iron Blade’s new competition requires pride in your appearance so you can strike a #TemplarPose.


To prove yourself among the worthy, you must first grab a screenshot of your Templar in an armor that matches one of three categories: The Court’s Jester (unusual), The Knight in Shining Armor (cool), and the Greatest Knight that Ever Lived (strongest). Once you have that, head to the contest’s Facebook page and upload it to the appropriate group.

After you have done this, first you must apologize to the Templar Order for your prideful transgression. Then, share your entry – the more people vote for it, the greater your chance to emerge clutching victory. Finally, wait to see if you are among the three champions (one for each category) who will earn themselves the prize.

Amazing rewards

Winners are going to receive: 2 Purified Essences, 200 single-player energy, 100 Tower of Trials Legendary Chest Keys, 100 Hunter Legendary Keys, and 200 Arena Keys. This incredible haul is certain to give these stylish Templars the edge, both on the catwalk and when combatting Hell’s own demonic forces.


Strut your stuff, and fight the forces of evil in Iron Blade on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, remember to enter the competition here, and to share your entries on Facebook to get more votes! You can also join with the rest of your Templar Order on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.