Pre-register for medieval adventure in Iron Blade

Iron Blade

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Gameloft’s Middle Age hack’n’slash game, Iron Blade, is coming to Android, iOS, and Windows soon. Pre-register Iron Blade today to unlock fantastic loot and treasures to help you begin your adventure.

Update: Iron Blade is out now. Download the game for free.

Draw your Blade

Iron Blade is a fantasy Action RPG that thrusts you into a medieval realm filled with arcane magic and savage combat.

Occult forces are attempting to resurrect the Demon Lord Baal. The prophecies say that if this abomination returns he will once again try to conquer the world.  To stop this humanity must take up arms and prepare to defend its realm from these forces of evil.

Becoming a member of the heroic Templar, you must stand at the front of the vanguard. Pick up your sword, don your armor, and join with other Templar-players around the world to fight for the salvation of mankind.

It is a glorious quest that will take you across the whole expanse of Europe. One day you maybe vanquishing vampires in Transylvania, while the next may see you eliminate undead in Scotland.


Victory shall rescue us all! While failure condemns us to the depths of Hell.

Put your Iron to the test

When this incredible adventure begins, you will want to make sure you are ready. To help you in this the Iron Blade team has a pre-registration offer.

To take advantage of this all you have to do is head over to the game’s official site and sign up with your email address or via Facebook. Once complete, all you have to do is wait for Iron Blade to become available on Android, iOS, or Windows to receive your reward in-game.


The possible gifts include armor, legendary bows, swords, and shields. With these to start you on your quest you will be ready to stand against all who threaten you. Plus, the level of rewards will increase as more people register to join the adventure!

Pre-register for Iron Blade today. To keep up on all the latest from the game follow it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.