Know your enemy: Iron Blade’s Esquin the Betrayer

Iron Blade

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Gameloft’s stunning combat action game, Iron Blade, has you hacking your way through warriors, monks, and demons to save the world from the unspeakable evil of Baal. Playing as Damian, a member of the Knights Templar, you make short work of many of these foes. Sometimes, however, you come up against a greater challenge – bosses who can halt your progress with their fearsome strength. To prepare you for this, the Iron Blade team is releasing a series of videos on its YouTube channel.

Esquin de Floryan

This series begins with Iron Blade's first boss character, Esquin de Floryan. Another member of the Templar, Esquin is turned to evil during the Siege of Acre (1291). At this time he feared for his life and sold his soul to the demon Baal for protection.


As Baal promised, Esquin safely returned to France. However, his deal with the devil was that he had to destroy his Templar brothers and return Baal to the world of man.

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In pursuit of this goal, Esquin has become the leader of the Cathar – a radical religious sect. Here he convinced his followers of the supremacy of Demonkind, leading them against the forces of good. Using his positioning in the sect, and his sway in the Royal Court, he accused the Knights Templar of heresy.

And so, with the King’s authority, he hunted down his once-brothers for execution.

Esquin the Betrayer

This is where Damian enters the foray. Esquin's targets have extended to the Grand Master and Damian’s mentor, Jacques de Molay. You must battle to free Jacques and the other Templars from Esquin the Betrayer. Stop him quickly by fighting past his guards in a whirl of steel and blood.

Meet Esquin de Floryan, a loyal Templar turned villain by striking a deal with hellish creatures. Selling his soul to the devil, Baal, he emerges as Esquin the Betrayer, a power-driven antihero. Your arrival has been foretold, hero, but beware of his infamous dark tricks of magic arts!

It is no easy task though. As a Templar, Esquin was a driven warrior, but now as the Betrayer he has become a master of the dark arts. Able to drawn on magic forces, he is a formidable enemy on the battlefield. Watch him in action in this video, and find ways to defeat him.

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