Iron Blade’s Community Milestone Challenge and Sweepstakes

Iron Blade

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Iron Blade is offering its community the opportunity to get some amazing rewards in the Community Milestone Challenge. This event allows fans to perform tasks, such as viewing an image on Instagram, which contributes points to a community total. The more points earned, the better the prizes for everyone playing Iron Blade! Contributors who share this event with friends will also have the chance to win one of five special Christmas Gear sets.

Four tiers of prizes

The Community Milestone Challenge's goal is to reward every Iron Blade player! The only question now is how big that reward will be.

community-mile-stone-1000The event is live now on Iron Blade's Facebook page and you can enter now until July 4! Complete tasks in the widget (such as watching an Iron Blade video) and you contribute points to the global score. Then, at regular milestones, new rewards will be unlocked.

Rewards start at 1,500 points, a number that has already been passed, unlocking 10x Raid Tickets, 50x Premium Chest Keys, and 50x Rubies. With each tier, these rewards become increasingly grand. If this final fourth tier is reached with 25,000 points, then players will receive 35x League Chest Keys and 1x Legendary Heroic Booster.

Five lucky winners

There is also going to be a prize for five lucky players: a full Christmas Gear set. Smash the forces of Baal and look stylish while you do it in this fur-trimmed red Armor.


This Christmas Set will not be given to the whole community; instead, it will be drawn at random. If you complete multiple actions, you will receive more entries in your name to ensure you have more chances of winning!

Be sure to check the Terms & Conditions to make sure you are eligible to enter and win this prize.

Iron Blade's Community Milestone Challenge and Sweepstakes are running until July 4. Head over to the game’s Facebook page to enter now. If you haven’t played Iron Blade yet, then you can play right now!