Iron Blade is one year old, thank you!

Iron Blade

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One year ago today, May 25th 2017, Gameloft invited you to step into Iron Blade for the first time. And the game team is keen to thank everyone who has embarked on this journey. As part of the celebrations, members of the team have put together a quick video. This is to thank every fan for their bravery in joining them on this epic quest.

And also Iron Blade

That’s right, it was just last year that you could first pick up your sword and become the Templar Knight, Damien. Since then the game has continued to grow and improve, and today it’s better than ever thanks to the team’s work.

Learn more about Iron Blade.

But Iron Blade’s success has been down to its community. Each and every one of you Templar brothers who made the game what it is. The passionate feedback you have offered throughout the last 365 days have guided the team, letting it know where improvements could be made. Your enthusiasm has driven every member of the team to pour all they could into each update.

A huge “Thank you” to all our Templar brothers

This is why the team wanted to put together this quick message to say “Thanks”! In the video there are 13 team members, every one of whom wants to share their excitement at reaching this milestone.

In order of appearance you have just seen: Ruxandra Nicolescu (Producer), Shriram Srinivasan (Game Designer), Radu Necula (Game Production Manager), Mihai Procopovici (Product Manager), Cosmin Ilie (Associate Producer), Carlo Damiani (Game Economy Designer), Raluca Grigorovici (Community Manager), Doru Chiș (Embedded Quality Assurance), Călin Crețu (Level Designer), Viktoriia Mamchuk (Product Manager), Otto Szilagyi (UI/UX Designer), Laszlo Fuleki (Online Developer), and Adrian Ocolișan (Administrator).

Feel free to thank them in the comments below for their hard work on this amazing game!

And, if you haven’t joined the ranks of Iron Blade yet, then you can download it for free right now! Begin your journey across Medieval Europe, battling the evil forces of the Demon Lord Baal, in this fantasy action-RPG. Then join the incredible community of Templar Knights on the game’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels.