Iron Blade in One Minute

Iron Blade

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Gameloft's combat focused medieval epic, Iron Blade, is a fast-paced action game stuffed full of demonic bloodshed. If you are a player with limited time looking to embark on an expansive but bite-sized adventure, then look no further.

But, if you still need convincing, give me one minute and I will tell you why you should be playing Iron Blade!

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Grab your sword, strap on your armor, and become a Templar Knight in Gameloft’s Action RPG, Iron Blade.

Set in a medieval Europe, living under the shadow of the Demon Lord Baal, Iron Blade’s story is an epic that spans from Scotland to Transylvania.

And epic adventure

But epic doesn’t come close to describing its intense visceral combat - because action is the star here. Take controlling of Damian, a Templar Knight, your movement is automatic. This leaves you to focus on the enemies that surround you. Use the intuitive streamlined controls to time your blocks, strikes, and special attacks to counter all in your path.

But, as you slice through and impale the huge variety of foes in gory fashion, you’ll notice how incredible they look. Every enemy is packed full of detail that brings them to life. This detail is mirrored in the environments. Be it dark and foreboding or ornate and regal.

epic combat and action


Collect loot and gain experience to level up both Damian and his gear.

Iron Blade also features PVP - build a stronghold and expand its defenses to hold off would be attackers. Then invading others online, for extra loot and tokens.

Grab Iron Blade, and embark on this incredible adventure.

Download Iron Blade now on iOS, Android, and Windows to join the Templar in their righteous battle. You can also follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for all the latest news.