Top games on the Gameloft Store


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The Gameloft Store is stuffed with incredible premium games for you to download and play today on your Android device. But some of these titles truly have risen to the top, distinguishing themselves as the best of the best. To help you find and download these incredible Gameloft titles, Central has created a shortlist of our favorite.

Click, download, and enjoy these amazing games!

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Gangstar Rio the first 3D installment of our incredible open-world action game. Enjoy playing in this sandbox environment as you explore its story of crime and revenge in the sun-soaked city of Rio de Janeiro. Immerse yourself in this captivating experience as you fight through over 60 missions on your journey from thug to kingpin.


Diamond Twister 2

Switch around sparkling jewels in Diamond Twister 2, the blingest match-3 game. Matching colors as you battle through the campaign and endless modes, you can be sure the 8 jet-setting locations, 120 levels, and special power-ups will keep you enthralled.

Real Football 2018

Get ready for kick off. Ensuring our premier division soccer game remains at the top of its league, this year’s Real Football adds exciting new features. Five-a-side mode brings a faster and more frantic match system – there are even 24 unique scenarios in this mode to let you really show off your skills. Plus, all of this accompanies the classic 11-on-11 matches. RF18 is sure to please both newcomers and longtime fans of the beautiful game.

Dungeon Hunter Curse of Heaven

Explore the high-def world of Dungeon Hunter in this fantasy action RPG. Journey from sunny Valenthia to the frozen peaks of the Forsaken God's Shrine as you embark on an epic story that runs alongside the events of Dungeon Hunter 4 and 5. Unlock, equip, and master hundreds of different pieces of armor and weapons – each with one of five elemental affinities to help or hinder you in battle. Prepare for an entirely new adventure in Dungeon Hunter Curse of Heaven.


Gameloft Classics Arcade

Delivering retro, just-one-more-go action, Gameloft Classic Arcade provides incredible value. Bundling together five of our most popular past games, this is one of the best value mobile gaming bundles imaginable. Grab this package and you will get: Block Breaker Deluxe 2, Bubble Bash 2, Diamond Rush, Miami Nights 2: The City is Yours, and Brain Challenge 3: Think Again!

Gameloft Classics Action

Ready to take on some old-school, pixel perfect, twitch gameplay? Then there is no better value bundle of games than the Gameloft Classics Action collection. Taking you back through some of our greatest 16-bit style titles from the early days of mobile gaming, this is one collection that will get your heart racing. Inside this bundle, you get to experience: Zombie Infection, Gangstar 2, Soul of Darkness, Hero of Sparta, and Motocross: Trial Extreme.

Gameloft Classics Shooters

For many, the words classic gaming bring to mind only one genre of game: shooters. And the Gameloft Classics Shooters bundle delivers you five of the best to have existed on mobile. These titles include the genesis of some of our most popular franchises, along with some incredible forgotten gems. Grab this Classics Collection now to start enjoying these old-school masterpieces: Alien Quarantine, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, N.O.V.A., Wild West Guns, and ZombieWood.


Little Big City 2

Build your perfect city on a tropical island in our sun-drenched city building sim, Little Big City 2. Construct a stunning metropolis with the help of the city’s Mayor and the rest of his team of outlandish advisors. Define districts and explore the world as you build a utopia for your people in an idyllic paradise.

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Reborn and remastered, N.O.V.A. Legacy offers a new way to experience Gameloft’s classic sci-fi FPS. It is upgraded in every way, with improved visuals, controls, and level design – all of which is packed into a 30MB download. You can once again play through the full single-player story campaign offline. You can also dive into Shadow Events and Special Ops alone, or the 6V6 multiplayer Deathmatch arenas. A huge shooter experience.


N.O.V.A. 3

If you finish N.O.V.A. Legacy and can’t wait to continue the adventure, then you can download the original conclusion to the N.O.V.A. trilogy. N.O.V.A. 3 sees the heroic space marine Kal fight alongside his AI partner Yelena who has gained a cybernetic body to help finish the epic battle against the Xenos. Travel the galaxy through the thrilling story of this sci-fi FPS.

Asphalt Nitro

This lightweight game lets you experience the full thrill of the Asphalt series without filling up your phone’s memory. Asphalt Nitro compromises on none of the action for which the franchise is famous. Experience racing in top licensed cars as you take on tracks around the world for some high-octane, stunt-filled racing.

Modern Combat 4

The fourth installment of Gameloft’s realistic military shooter pushes the limits of first-person action on mobile. In the shadow of nuclear war, you and a handful of exceptional soldiers are all that stand between the world and total devastation at the hand of a terrorist group. Live out this immersive and dramatic story as you play on both sides of the conflict. And if that isn’t enough, prepare to dominate the battlefield in Modern Combat 4’s PVP multiplayer.


Puzzle Pets

Join in the cute puzzle fun in Gameloft’s Puzzle Pets. Clear the colorful land of threats as you travel through eight islands and 126 levels. Battle breathtaking bosses as you fight for all of the adorable animals. With six pets to match and Helpers with special tricks to give you the edge, this is one amazing adventure that is perfect for match-3 fans of all ages.

Bubble Bash Mania

This addictive orb bursting game offers a nearly endless challenge for all fans of puzzlers. Bubble Bash Mania takes classic match-3 gameplay and marries it with an action element as you fire off bubbles to pop groups of the same colors. Master trick shots and use special abilities to remove supporting structures and cause colored balls to rain down across more than 100 levels.

Midnight Pool 4

Grab that triangle and rack them balls for this incredible pool game. The realistic action of Midnight Pool 4 has you mastering every trick shot as you battle through the single player career mode and challenge friends to matches online. If that doesn’t offer enough challenge, then take on the global leaderboards to prove yourself the best on the planet.


Rival Wheels

Straddle a speed machine, rev the engine, and prepare to explode off the line in Rival Wheels. Pick from 15 licensed bikes, and tour a world of competition. Travel to Tokyo, Havana, and New York as you prove your worth against racers around the globe. Beat these opponents and unlock more bikes in your quest to be the best. Gameloft’s drag racing motorbike game has you put it all on the line!

Sonic Runners Adventure

One of gaming’s most iconic heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog, is racing into view in Gameloft’s endless runner Sonic Runners Adventure. SEGA’s sassy Blue Blur speeds through four environments across 48 missions at a lightning pace as you visit unforgettable locations from the Sonic series. Prepare to hit unbelievable speeds as you try to stop Doctor Eggman’s diabolical plans!