Setting a new standard in mobile open-world action

Gangstar New Orleans

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Open-world action has a new standard - Gangstar New Orleans. Gameloft’s crime-filled adventure series is back with its latest and most thrilling installment to date. Boasting the largest world seen on mobile, hundreds of vehicles, and an off-the-wall arsenal of weapons - you must explore this huge environment making a name for yourself in the city's seedy underbelly.

Raising the standard

Gameloft’s Gangstar series has always set the high bar for open-world action on mobile. Gangstar New Orleans continues this trend.


This could be traced to one of any number of features. The game is stuffed with vibrant stylish visuals, a huge world, intense action, and an epic, mysticism infused crime tale. Usually any one of these would be enough to mark this game as great - but together they make it exceptional.

Customize your crook

Pick your character and customize your gear for a huge array of options. Gather weapons, vehicles, and tailor your gangster to match your personal style - then equip, fuse, and evolve them to increase your power.


Your style won’t only inform your look, it can also impact gameplay. Are you going to improve your demolition skills or become a gunslinger? Let your equipment inform both your look and play style.

Seize the opportunity

Getting you directly into the action, GNO begins with the Feds taking down the cities old crime lords. The proceeding power vacuum leaves space for all the local factions to make a grab for their piece of the pie. And you want a slice too.


But becoming a criminal mastermind in Gangstar’s fictional portrayal of the sprawling city of New Orleans is no easy task. First there are the various factions - Bikers, Bootleggers, Brawlers, and Bangers. That’s not to mention crooked cops and Voodoo priests that roam the streets. Make and break alliances in this high risk game of chess to navigate your way to the top.

Explore 12 distinct districts

The Big Easy is filled with distinct, varied districts and surrounded by the mysterious Bayou. Explore districts like the French Quarter and the Central Business District, discovering the rich flavor of the world.

Every element of this is enhanced by GNO’s incredible audio and visual design. Vibrant colors make the city come alive during the bustling daylight hours, or slip into darkness and neon as night sets.


Audio simply enriches this further. Voices engross you in the story, sound effects suck you into the action, and the ambient noise immerses you in the world.

Battle rival gangs

The vast single player campaign is joined by Turf Wars. Fight for territory, and defend your turf from rival players' gangs in GvG action (that’s gang vs. gang). For this you earn Turf Jar Pieces. Combine these to get Turf Jars that offer the chance to unlock Thugs and Fusion Boosters.

In Turf Wars you unlock Milestone rewards. These grant you - among other rewards - Jar Pieces that can be combined to create Jars. Test your luck with these to possibly get a special item like a weapon, vehicle, or Thug.

Worlwide Release : March 30th, 2017

Make the Big Easy your own criminal empire by joining Gangstar New Orleans. Download it for free on iOS, Android, and Windows today. Plus, keep up with all the game’s news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.