The GNO team prepares for a big live-stream this Friday

Gangstar New Orleans

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This Friday the Gangstar New Orleans’ Development Team is preparing a special Facebook live-stream for all you GNO players. Its is going to be filled with information that every fan of this stunning open-world action game needs to know.

The stream is set to start at 10am EST on Friday the 19th of May. Head over and like the Gangstar Facebook page now to make sure you never miss an update about this or any other fantastic GNO content.

Did you miss the stream? Then catch up right now!

Everybody likes surprises

To be clear, I don’t know what the live-stream is about - and trust me I have asked! Every one of the team is excited about what they are going to be telling us, but they are playing their cards close to their chests. Maybe it's all that double dealing they are doing with New Orleans’ gangs making them paranoid...


But one thing is clear from their enthusiasm - you do not want to miss this live-stream.

The team has already started to tease it though! If you head over to the Gangstar Facebook channel right now you can find a video featuring... airplanes and voodoo-zombies. Looks like New Orleans is about to get even more dangerous.



You can catch the full live-stream at 10am EST on Friday May 19th over on Facebook, so be ready. You can also follow the game on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Begin building your criminal empire in Gangstar New Orleans. Download it for free on Android, iOS, and Windows to embark on your journey through its massive single-player story and fight other player factions in the Turf Wars multiplayer.