Two B33 or not two B33 Drones in GSV

Gangstar Vegas

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The Gangstar Vegas team just keeps finding new ways to let you and Jason tear up the City of Sin. And update 27 is no different. Sure, it offers the usual complement of new outfits, weapons, and vehicles, but it also brings Drones to your arsenal. These two hovering helpers can be picked up now, and are sure to add the extra chaos you are looking for.

Begun, the Drone Wars have

Take to the streets of Las Vegas with two amazing Drones that always have your back. These helpers follow you around, levitating behind you and automatically helping you deal with those who mean you harm. These are some hardcore toys.

There are two B33 Drones to enjoy, each of which offers their own advantages. Bumble B33 offers defense and support capabilities – healing you when things get tricky. If you are more interested in an attack of Drones, then you need the Gunner B33. This aggressive little chap will happily open fire on anything you do!


These cybernetic supporters will help you whenever you deploy them, but the team has also designed specific missions to really put your skills with these new friends to the test. Jump in and prove yourself to get some amazing rewards, crafted to make you feel great about your achievement!

To help you and your hovering pals, update 27 also brings with it two powerful weapons. The Frostbitten Repeater lets you put your foes on ice with a snowstorm of chill – freezing and shattering them where they stand. But, if you want stopping power delivered in the most basic way, then you need the Rough-and-Ready Rifle. This cobbled together weapon delivers maximum destruction with minimal style.

Fighting in style

You can also try out three stylish outfits, and three incredible rides.

Stepping out on to the Vegas streets in the Star Dweller outfit is certain to launch your notoriety into orbit. However, if it’s not solar winds you are worried about, but the impending apocalypse, then the Doomsday Denizen will keep you safe from the fallout and any undead-swarms.

Less concerned about physical protection? Want to show off your perfect abs? Well, GSV has you covered here too. The gladiator inspired Coliseum Contender outfit lets you show off your body while protecting your beautiful face. Use this suit as you step into the arena to fight… just be sure your subligaria is properly belted up...


There is an interesting set of vehicles available in update 27. The first is the Bouncing Buggy. As the name suggests, this light weight four-wheeler can bounce and jump over other cars! Disclaimer: landing on cars will still crush them and annoy their owners.

Two-wheelers make up the rest of the new machines on offer. With the Vegas PD getting some new tech, the Patrol Bike is now available for you to… acquire. Take if for a spin, I’m sure the fuzz won’t care. For more hardened criminals, there is also the Iron Grinder. Sleek and powerful, this one will punch a hole through traffic when needed.

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