Gangstar Vegas’s festive frosty update

Gangstar Vegas

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Gangstar Vegas is getting into the spirit of the season. There is a collection of weapons to unleash frozen firepower on your foes, a holiday lottery, and a chilling Yeti outfit that you can wear out on the strip. The fun doesn’t stop there though, as the latest content drop also adds a vicious ride, more daily task, new currency, and Augmented Reality!

Wintry weapons

Prepare to add ice-cold oomph to your arsenal in this Gangstar Vegas update. There are four of these weapons you can arm yourself with for the holidays. My personal favorite is the Gingerbread Cutter - a nasty little SMG that unleashes your sweet vengeance (does not fire gumdrop buttons)!

Want to see in the New Year with a BANG? Then try out these two explosive options. There's the Frostbitten Buckshot which offers a barrel of boom that can freeze and shatter enemies in to icy dust. Then there is the Cryo-Frag, a chilling boom that can solidify your foes like snowmen.


If you prefer to not be heard as you go on your rampage through the Vegas streets (handy if you want to spot incoming reindeer) then you want the Neon Archer. This laser crossbow makes sure your merry murders don’t interrupt the silent night.

More seasonal sur-prizes

Once you have your lethal accessory picked out, it's time to deck yourself out in festive threads. Introducing the ultimate winter wear, the Abominable Nightmare. This is a deadly yet(i) stylish outfit that's perfect for end of year parties.

The final bit of festive fun are the Seasonal Cards. These allow you to enter a lottery to win amazing prizes designed for this jolly time.

All year round fun

Like a puppy, this Gangstar Vegas update isn’t just for Christmas, so it is also stuffed full of fun to see you into 2018 and beyond. With the first of these you can make GSV come to life with a new AR mode! Just hold up your phone, and use the three different AR viewer options to see your favorite characters and vehicles in the real world.


With this you can bring the main character to life and try out different customization options in your living room. Or maybe you would prefer to checkout Vegas’s NPCs dotted throughout your school or office. You can even enjoy the different vehicles (in whatever color you like) parked ARound town when out for a walk. Then take a photo to capture the moment.

There are even AR mission modes that let you take on challenges in dioramas placed in the real-world. These include activities such like brawling in the squared circle, battling through hell in turrets, and sniper missions.

Onward through 2018

The next addition is the Weedkiller, a new ride designed for when the grass begins to grow again. This hoverbike isn’t just designed for lawn maintenance though, with dual buzz saws it can cut anyone down to size.


Also coming in this update are MovieBucks (earned by watching videos) which can be used to purchase unique items. Plus there are new Daily Tasks and Challenges for even more rewards. All of which means you'll be sure to be exploring the streets of the City of Sin right through 2018.

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