Find your perfect ride in Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

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When you take to the streets of Gangstar Vegas, you need a ride that shows-off your style. But having the right machine isn't just about personal preference, it also helps you complete missions and shows the other denizens of this city of sin that you are the boss.

To help you pick the ride that best matches your needs, this handy quiz has been put together by the Vegas car dealership. Don't worry though, once you know the machine you need, you don't have to buy it - because in this city there are other ways to "acquire" what you want!

Discover your dream machine!

Now you know the ride will suit you as you cruise Gangstar Vegas. Be sure to let us know your style in the comments. Then download GSV on Android, iOS, or Windows to begin your life of crime! And remember, you can keep up with all game news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Gangstar Vegas