Enjoy the rising sun in Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

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Gangstar Vegas, Gameloft's mobile open-world game, has just received its 26th update, and it is stuffed full of items, costumes, and vehicles for all of you Las Vegans to enjoy. Mixing high-tech and more traditional style, this equipment makes sure you are ready to take on anything that our city of sin has to throw at you. Improvements to the ARKit is also now live, letting you admire all this fresh gear in the real world.

The heat of the rising sun

All you fashionistas out there get to enjoy four new sets of dapper duds to show-off around town. And each of these takes a little inspiration from the rising sun.


Adding the Nightfall Guardian exoskeleton to your loadout not only makes you look like a modern samurai, it makes you fight like one, too! This slick armor will give you the edge in any fight thanks to the Battle Concentration power that literally slows time.

If you are a little less honorable in your fighting style, then there are some other options. Truly sneaky Gangstar's can don the Shifting Shadow outfit. This sleek armor is designed to complement the stealthiest of players with its ninja style. Or, if you like to fight dirty, the Outlaw Ink outfit might be more your speed. The heavy tattoos that this sees you sporting are guaranteed to intimidate any rivals that come your way.


The last of Update 26's new outfits is the Speedfreak. This colorful spandex gear may lack the mystery of the other two costumes, but it is in keeping with the rising sun theme - because we all know dawn is the best time to run!

All of these outfits not only makes you look stunning, but also grant you stat boosts. Get the look and buffs you want.

Hot hardware

Once the sun is up, you are going to want something to keep that Las Vegas heat off you. We have two hot cars to help you out here. The sleek Techmobile is packed with the latest gadgets, a blistering top speed, and air-con. For drivers after a more traditional ride, there is the Hillbilly Hellfire. Sitting somewhere between a pick-up and a tank this monster of a truck can take the heat, while frying anyone that stands in its way.

You can also expand your arsenal in this update. Blending future tech and traditional warfare techniques, these two weapons are lethal whatever era you are from. The Plague Pistol fires poison bullets, infecting your unfortunate targets and continuing to damage them over time. The slow death of this pistol is contrasted by the shockingly fast death offered by the Royal Cutter. This sizable sword sports an electric blade, allowing for attacks that are both devastating and hair raising.


All of these items are rolling out over the next two weeks, with the Hillbilly hellfire, Plague Pistol, Royal Cutter, and Shifting Shadow outfit available right now. On March 3rd the Techmobile, Nightfall Guardian, and Outlaw Ink outfit will unlock.

Real world Gangstar

Also in this update comes improvements to the ARKit, helping to bring your Gangstars to life. New gesture control now allow you to move, scale, and rotate objects with ease. These refinements also include improve visualization of where your projection will spawn, and the ability to alter the color palette of your vehicles.

You can download Gangstar Vegas and update 26 today on iOS and Android. Plus, be sure to join the Vegas community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to get all the latest from this action packed mobile open-world game.