Come and enjoy five years of Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

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Prepare to hit the jackpot as Gangstar Vegas celebrates five years of open-world, sandbox action! Gameloft’s epic crime story is about to help its players hit the jackpot with update 28. There are a host of new features, items, and events for you to enjoy as you continue to fight to become the king of Vegas.

Drones, guns, and automobiles

It is a big happy birthday to all Gangstars! To celebrate we have a stack of new toys for you to enjoy!

First up we have the second iteration of our B33 drones. Entering their 2.0 phase, our GSV engineers have been hard at work fine-tuning these hovering helping hands! These can pack more punch when attacking your enemies, or provide more of that sweet healing. Pick the right drone for your situation and dominate.


When cruising the streets, it is important that you look like you rule them! For that, you need style and power. If you desire classic 80’s style there is the Milagro, a true head turner. Alternatively, the Neon Rider is a luxury car that will make you look like you are the true top dog in the city of sin.

But, when you need to back up this dominant appearance, you may want to swap your ride for the Destruco-XXL. This six wheel muscle machine brings with it an arsenal of machine guns and rockets – the true power behind your throne.

That bling thing

Stepping away from your hardware, it is just as vital that you look the part when meeting face-to-face. That’s right, the clothes make the kingpin. For traditionalists, there is the Legacy Suit. This is a special prize for a time-limited event, and really shows your support for Gangstar Vegas.

Alongside this, we have the Undercity Threads. When you need to make sure your offer cannot be refused, this is the one to wear.


Of course, if you need to be the muscle and the mastermind in your one-on-one interactions, then you need an Exoskeleton. The Ice Cold Killer will meet all of your needs on this one. Stuffed full of weapons, this is designed to give fashionistas chills and leave your enemies feeling cold.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember you have to accessorize. Designed for precision, The Hideout is a sniper rifle with a large enough ammo capacity to make sure you always get the job done – and look good doing it.

Ammo, unlimited

A new subscription service is going to remove all of your limits in becoming the ultimate Gangstar. With this, you can unlock unlimited ammo and free vehicle delivery whenever you need it. No more waiting for the bus, just order up the car you want! That should help you get around GSV's huge open-world.

This vehicle service could prove even more useful as you take part in Gangstar Vegas’s fifth-anniversary Treasure Hunt. Find and collect all the artifacts for amazing rewards!

Come and celebrate 5 years of Gangstar Vegas on iOS and Android. Plus, remember to join the Vegas community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!