Gangstar New Orleans: Which gang are you in?

Gangstar New Orleans

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Building your criminal empire from the ground up on the streets of Gangstar New Orleans is a hard task. With so many factions, gangs, and territories throughout this sprawling open-world, it's vital you learn where your allegiances lie.

Prepare yourself for the challenge with Gameloft Central's GNO gang quiz. Find out which crew you will be rolling with as you hit the streets and begin your journey from thug to kingpin.

Discover your gang, begin your rise

You can discover more about Gameloft's latest installment of its open-world crime epic here on Central. Or check out our Gangstar New Orleans in One Minute video to get the full low down in just 60 seconds.

Now you know your gang affiliation, enter the world of Gangstar New Orleans. It is available for download now on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, keep up with all the GNO news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.