Gangstar New Orleans’ launch day live stream


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Tomorrow is Gangstar New Orleans' launch day! In 24 hours you will be able to start exploring the 12 districts of this historic city - battling factions for control of the game’s underworld. It’s a vast open-world adventure and, to make sure you make the most of it, the Gameloft Montreal team is going to be showing off its secrets in a YouTube live stream tomorrow (March 30th).

Welcome to New Orleans!

Gameloft Montreal has been hard at work on this crime adventure and is proud to finally get it into player's hands. With the huge city of New Orleans to explore - with its many distinct districts, cars, weapons, and characters – the team is sure you will be enjoying this game for months to come.

GNO launch day live stream.

But to get you off to the best start possible, they want to show you everything GNO can do. So, tomorrow, the team is streaming live. During the stream they will show off many of the amazing features of this vast game. Prepare to explore all the details that create the world’s rich atmosphere, adrenaline pumping gameplay, and epic story.

Your tour guides

The YouTube live stream will start at 1600 CET, 1530 GMT, 1030 CT, 1130 ET, or 0730 PST on March 30th. Sorry Australia, that's 0200 ACDT on March 31st.


Watch it on YouTube Gaming, Facebook (@playgangstar), and Gameloft pages (like here).

Also, make sure you follow Gangstar on Twitter. If there are any issues or delays with the stream they will let you know there.

Begin your life of crime by downloading Gangstar New Orleans for iOS, Android, and Windows from March 30th. For more amazing news and updates follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.