Gangstar New Orleans is coming, get excited

Gangstar New Orleans

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Gameloft’s Gangstar series has been leading the open-world action genre on mobile since it was first released in 2006. Now, eleven years and five installments later, the fifth game in the series is almost here, Gangstar New Orleans. The official site is now live, and you can pre-register your interest there now to get in-game rewards when the game releases.

Update : Gangstar New Orleans is now available for iOS and Android devices, and Windows 10 PCs and tablets.


It's nearly time

The fast approaching release of Gangstar New Orleans is now so close that it is almost possible to hear the sounds of Mardi Gras, smell the gumbo, and start to panic about how to spell Mississippi. In fact it is close enough that, if you head over to, then you can see what to expect from this upcoming adventure.

If you haven’t checked it out yet head over there now. Not only does it show off how stunning Gameloft’s sequel to its incredible open-world crime series is looking, it also gives you the chance to pre-register and unlock amazing rewards.


Show your interest

By pre-registering using social media you have the chance to contribute to a point meter which will unlock in-game rewards. If you do this now then you will automatically get a 2-Star Jar, an item that can unlock mystery rewards. These could be anything from vehicles to guns or clothes for your bruiser.

As more people register more rewards will unlock. Next is the Premium Jar, which is similar to the 2-Star Jar but offering even greater rewards. After that there are diamonds, which can be used to unlock additional items, and finally an exclusive outfit for your thug.


Knowledge is power

The other advantage of enlisting with Gangstar New Orleans is that you can get updates on the game leading up to the launch. There are videos, art, maps, and lots of other brilliant content to get you in the mood for the Thug-life.

We will have more news on Gangstar New Orleans and its release date in the coming weeks. Check back regularly for more info, and subscribe to the game’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels to get all the latest.