From Airplanes to Zombies – GNO has it all

Gangstar New Orleans

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Gangstar New Orleans Update 1 has just touched down on iOS, with Android and Windows currently preparing to land. This first update for Gameloft’s open-world crime adventure adds vehicles and events, while also bringing gameplay tweaks to improve the entire game experience. Oh, and there are zombies.

Want the quick lowdown on Gangstar New Orleans, here it is in one minute.

Take to the skies!

GNO update 1 is delivering an Airplane. Yes, while flight has previously been possible thanks to helicopters, you can now soar in a plane. Swoop through city streets, pull off stunts, and try not to crash into buildings.


If flight isn’t your thing, but you still feel the need for speed, then a powerful new Sports Car is on hand for on land. Leave challengers and police in your dust.

Best of all you can add both of these vehicles to your Inventory by taking on a fresh set of Special Events. By completing this series of New Missions you unlock permanent access to these thrilling rides - but only if you complete the whole event within the time limit! Make sure you get in before the time runs out. You don't want to miss your opportunity to earn these rewards, the chance may not come around again.

What's new in this update?

For more information on these events, tune-in to the Gangstar New Orleans live-stream this Friday.

The most special of events

Update 1 also delivers a thrilling Special Event that delivers two of my favorite things in a single package - cash and Zombies. Yup, you heard right, zombies are coming to Gangstar New Orleans. Find and kill these hordes to test your bravery (and your loadout) as you fight for your life.


Best of all, the more waves of the horde you make it through the greater the reward. Put extra dead in these undead to get the currency you need to fuse amazing weapons. But keep in mind that you can only enter one of these events each day. Login daily to fight for your rewards!

Protect your turf

But if single-player action isn’t your thing, and you are more concerned with building your crime empire, then changes to Gangstar New Orleans’ Turf Wars should sound like smooth jazz to your ears.

Introducing a minimum score to earn a rank on the leaderboards and extra rewards, you now have to be more active to climb the ladder of crime. Global Leaderboards are on hand to allow you to see how you rank against… well everyone. Turfs also now add more trophies depending on your level of influence.


Improvements don’t stop there. All you wannabe diamond thieves will be pleased to hear you can now get Diamonds from watching ads. Finally many of the Story and Turf missions have been overhauled to offer an all-around better gameplay experience.

Take to the skies and fight the grave in Gangstar New Orleans update 1. Download the game now on iOS, Android, and Windows to be ready for all of these incredible features. Follow GNO on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.