Become the Kingpin of New Orleans in update 3

Gangstar New Orleans

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The third update of Gangstar New Orleans is the biggest one yet making Gameloft’s massive open-world crime game even more fun and engaging. With 350+ new story episodes, you can now play new storylines alongside multiple quirky characters with countless rewards. It is a stunning amount of new content.

It does not stop there though. The new update also allows you to play as a crime lord as you complete collections of items. Vehicles, weapons, and outfits - collect everything you need to bring your kingpin to life, then show off your Net Worth to other players online.

Gangstar the third (update)


Gangstar New Orleans has always been enormous. With a vast reproduction of the Big Easy to experience, spread across twelve districts including the expansive Bayou. Now, however, it is even larger thanks to Update 3.

Divided into three different acts, this Gangstar story takes place over more than 350+ new story episodes. Meet a collection of unique, personality filled series stalwarts like E-Man, Alain, and Marie, along with brand new ones. There are 18 of these characters to get to know and love… or hate.

Walk a mile in anyone's shoes

You don’t have to feel restricted to a single style or character type as you journey through the streets of New Orleans. Complete collections of gear and equip your character with a multitude of outfits and weapons to change the way you play.

Expand your gameplay options by collecting even more vehicles and weapons. Battle in boats, cruise in cars, party in planes, motor on bikes, and... hover in helicopters (sorry, ran out of steam at the end there)? See all of this world’s incredible visuals as whatever character type you choose.


Create the fantasy criminal you aspire to be.

Be THE crime lord

But what use is building your criminal empire and equipping your crime boss if you can’t show others how powerful you are? Well, update 3 delivers Net Worth.

This new feature tracks everything you have collected. Measuring all of your upgrades, equipment, and Mansion, your criminal empire is given a monetary value that ranks you against other crime lords on the leaderboards. Discover your Net Worth and brag about your status as a Gangstar-kingping to others online.


To help you climb the leaderboard ladder, you can also take part in Special Events (like the upcoming Retro-Bike and Old-School Plane missions) and Limited-Time Content. These offer great rewards to add to your collection to increase your Net Worth.

Live your life of crime the way you choose and show off your worth with Gangstar New Orleans update 3. Download it now on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus you can keep up with GNO news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.