Gangstar New Orleans in One Minute

Gangstar New Orleans

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Gameloft's latest installment of its open-world mobile masterpiece is here. Gangstar New Orleans throws you into a crime-filled, action thriller and has you fight your way to the top of the underworld (or should that be the bottom).

Still not convinced? Well give me one minute, and I can tell you exactly why you should be excited.

Get in on Gangstar New Orleans' open-world action. Gameloft's incredible crime adventure is back - and here is everything you need to know about it in one minute.

Gangstar New Orleans sets a new standard in open-world crime action on mobile. Stuffed with vibrant visuals, massive world, and high-speed action, this crime tale has everything.

Starting from nothing

Before taking your first steps out into this hardened city, you first must pick your character then begin to customize his loadout. Collect weapons, vehicles, and tailor your gangster to match your personal style.

Make a name for yourself in New Orleans’s seedy underbelly. Just before your arrival in town the Feds took down the city’s old crime lords – offering the perfect opportunity for you to fill the vacuum.

Fight your way to the top

Battle Bikers, Bootleggers, Brawlers, and Bangers to become the boss of the Big Easy. Make and break alliances in this high risk chess game.


With 12 districts to explore, everything feels alive. Venture through areas like the French Quarter and the Central Business District to discover the world’s rich variety. Vibrant colors make the city buzz during daylight, while at night they are soaked in neon bustle.

You must also build your empire in the multiplayer Turf Wars. Have your gang fight for territory against other players for even more rewards.

Enter Gangstar New Orleans and start building your criminal empire.

Build your criminal empire in Gangstar New Orleans by downloading it for free on iOS, Android, and Windows. You can also keep up with GNO by following it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.