Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics in One Minute

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics

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Sir, you are in control of an elite unit of Blitz Brigade troops. Prepare your strategy and take them into battle against our enemies in Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics. Now, watch this short instructional video to get you to full fighting force in one minute!

Blitz Brigade's comic military force is springing into action once again for Rival Tactics. Take control of a miniature army, and prepare for an intense one-on-one battle arena game that demands careful strategy.

Learn all BBRT's tricks and here we give you all the essential Intel in one minute.

Build your army

In Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics you build your deck of 8-units from a roster of dozens of troops, vehicles, and power-ups – all brilliantly designed in the series’ signature cartoon style. Expand your options by winning battles and earning crates containing more units.

The vast array of unit types creates a huge number of combinations and tactics. There are fast infantry, slow armored units, and even weapons that can bombard enemy bases from distance.

Once your squad is built pit them against human opponents in this verses battle arena. Strike down your enemy’s base quickly or turtle up and play the waiting game. The right choice can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Blitz Brigade and now battleships

From the quartermaster

Central Command is always on hand to help with your efforts, sending you supplies after every victory to help you level up your troops.

Allied yourself with other players in Factions to improve more quickly earn even greater rewards!

Think strategically and join the fight today with Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics.

Enter the skirmish by downloading Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics - for free - on iOS, Android, and Windows. And remember - as any tactician will tell you - you need all the latest Intel to be effective, so follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep up with all the news.