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Gameloft’s new YouTube channel is now live. Giving you the chance to enjoy our expansive catalog of incredible game audio more closely, Gameloft Music and Audio delivers full OSTs of classic titles.

Fresh beats

Long time Gameloft fans know that our games contain stunning audio. These range from the wide variety of music genres in Gangstar New Orleans to Dungeon Hunter 5’s orchestral scores. It even includes sound effects, such as the engine roars that place you in the driving seat for Asphalt 8: Airborne. All of these are designed by a talented group of more than 70 audio artists and composers around the globe.

The Gameloft Music and Audio channel launched last week, and it is filling up with playlists from your favorite mobile games. Visiting it you can check out music from Sniper Fury, Asphalt 8, Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics, Gangstar New Orleans, Modern Combat Versus, and N.O.V.A.. Plus, the team will be adding more Gameloft OST playlists every few weeks!

Classic tracks

Initially these playlists are going to comprise of currently available games, before moving onto our back-catalog of classic titles. That’s right, the channel will delve into the Gameloft archive, building a comprehensive audio library for you to enjoy.

In the coming weeks, Gameloft Central is going to highlight tracks from each playlist. This will include talking with composers about their inspiration. I, for one, am looking forward to discovering the story behind N.O.V.A.’s Betrayal and Gangstar’s Song for a Sad Clown.

More than music

However, the channel's plan is not just to focus on music. Moving behind the scenes, Gameloft Music and Audio wants to deliver a glimpse into game audio creation. Watch as elements like the engine sounds are recorded for the Asphalt series in exclusive videos. You will also discover how our Foley artists create every nuanced audio detail to submerge you in the action.

You can follow Gameloft Music and Audio on YouTube to ensure you never miss a drop. The tracks are also available on SoundCloud, follow them there for even more incredible tunes. And let us know in the comments which classic Gameloft beats you are looking forward to hearing again.