Join Dungeon Hunter 5’s fantasy world

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Jump into Dungeon Hunter 5's fantasy word to enjoy some fast-paced, RPG action. Expect loot grabbing, magic casting, and hack-n-slashin' in this classic dungeon crawler.

A chaotic fantasy world

Dungeon Hunter 5’s story picks up after the events of Dungeon Hunter 4. It's a familiar tale: a kingdom in disarray, mages dabbling in dark arts, bandits cruising the countryside, and demons acting like they own the place.

Existing in this world, you stand as a forsaken warrior. Looking for vengeance, embark on a journey of more than 90 missions. Imbued with power from the five shattered realms, it is time to rise from the ashes of this world and become the most notorious Bounty Hunter of all.

Got to grab it all

In Dungeon Hunter 5 you must loot chests, destroy a myriad of monsters, or complete missions and challenges to discover increasingly powerful items, armor, and weapons. The more powerful your equipment, the stronger you become, and the further you can progress through the increasingly difficult levels.

Your weapons dictate your fighting style. This means, when you feel more deliberate, you can arm yourself with a powerful – but slow – great sword. Or, when you feel defensive, you may pick the crossbow to attack from range. In total there are five different weapon types, all of which change how you approach levels.

Exposed to the elements

It isn’t just about your weapon's stats, Dungeon Hunter 5 also features five elemental affinities. It's standard fantasy fare: water, fire, nature, light, and dark. So, fire beats nature but is weak to water and... you get the idea.

Before you enter a level you can see which elemental types the enemies within are attuned to. This allows you to pick equipment to target their weaknesses. Buffs offered by selecting the correct elements can be massive, so make sure you use the available loadout options to prepare for every eventuality.



Beside the huge single player campaign and timed events, Dungeon Hunter 5 also offers numerous multiplayer options. These include co-op, guild, and Stronghold modes.

My favorite of these is Stronghold. By building your own Stronghold - and filling it with creatures collected in-game - you can challenge others online. You then attack your opponents' Strongholds, while your minions fight off any players trying to invade you.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a must for all fans of loot-crawling, dungeon diving, and high fantasy - plus it looks great. You can download free right now on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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