Gear Transmutation and Mastery coming to Dungeon Hunter 5!

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Fellow Bounty Hunters, it is time to unlock the hidden power of your weapons and armors, prepare to push your gear to the next level! The latest Dungeon Hunter 5 update, The Arena of Fame, brings new Gear Transmutation and Mastery mechanics - opening a path to ultimate power.


Gear Transmutation

Through Transmutation you can convert your unused gear into Mastery Materials. With these you can upgrade your best gear and make it even better! Weapons, armors, and skill items can all be Transmuted, but keep in mind that the resulting materials will depend on the item’s Tier, Level and Super Fusion Points.


(Values are not final)

Gear Mastery

When Mastering an item, you will see the Tier Star converted to another color. By increasing the Mastery Tier of a weapon or armor you also unlock an exclusive magic property and increase its main stats!

Mastery requires three elements:

  • Mastery materials acquired through the Transmutation of items.
  • Arena Mastery materials acquired in the Arena mode.
  • Finally, you need duplicates of the item you want to Master.


(Values are not final)

Upon Mastering an item, you will:

  • Unlock and increase the Strike Chance effect, which gives the possibility of unleashing elemental skill damage on one or more enemies with any weapon strike!
  • Unlock and increase the Strike Resist effect, a ability that grants the possibility of canceling out a Strike effect if you are the target!
  • An increased attack bonus.
  • You also receive an increase to your armor bonus.
  • Finally you get an increase to the maximum amount of Super Fusion Points which can be attached to the item.

Mastery is a powerful way to push your gear to the limit. Use this to give yourself an edge against your opponents in the Arena mode!

Gear Transmutation and Mastery will unlock with the release of the next Dungeon Hunter 5 update.