Everything about Dungeon Hunter 5 in one minute

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Pressed for time? Don't worry, because here at Central we have you covered, giving you everything you need to know about great Gameloft games in just one minute. This time we are looking at our action RPG, Dungeon Hunter 5. Get the full low down on the fantasy epic in 60 seconds.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is Gameloft’s fast-paced, fantasy, action RPG. It is stuffed full of loot grabbing, magic casting, and hack-n-slashin' – and this is everything you need to know about this dungeon crawler in one minute.

Pressed for time? Don't worry, because we have you covered! Here is everything you need know about the fantastic action RPG Dungeon Hunter 5, in one minute.

Explore this huge action RPG

You stand in a devastated kingdom as a forsaken warrior on a quest for vengeance who must rise from the ashes of this world and become the most notorious Bounty Hunter of them all.

Embark on a journey across 90 diverse solo missions, each with multiple difficulties. Maul a myriad of monsters, conquer quests, and delve the depths to discover powerful weapons, armor, and items to give you the edge.

With five different weapon types, and elemental affinities, you must pick your tools to suit your strategy. Enemies and hazards are weak or strong to each of the game’s elements. So select your equipment wisely to protect yourself from their strengths and exploit their weaknesses!


Multiplayer modes

Alongside the huge single player game, multiplayer modes enable you to customize your Stronghold and raid your opponents', or hire your friends as Allies to help you on your journey of vengeance.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a must for all fans of dungeon-diving and fantasy adventure.

Grab this amazing action RPG now, for free, on Android, iOS, and Windows. Plus, keep up with all the DH5 news on its Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

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