Dungeon Hunter 5 welcomes Legendary Hunts

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Fellow Bounty Hunters, coming with the next Dungeon Hunter 5 update is an overhaul of the Wanted Challenges. These will offer rewards so great that it has warranted a new name: the Legendary Hunts!

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A legendary update

Although Wanted Challenge Gear (now called Hunter’s Gear) will be part of the rewards, the first thing you will notice is that the top prize is now a piece of Legendary Gear! It’s yours for the taking, if you can climb high enough on the leaderboard…

To give you all the freedom you need to play the Legendary Hunts, and not have to balance your energy between this and the other solo game modes, you shall receive a new kind of energy for this event: the Energy Orbs!

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Spend these to complete the different difficulty levels of the Legendary Hunts and earn Victory Points. Then reap new rewards: the Hunter's chests and the Master Hunter’s chests!


In the Hunter’s Chests you will find recent Gear; T4, T5, and T6 Evo Materials; Energy; and Gold.

The Master Hunter’s Chests are aligned to an element. Open them to find Hunter Gear, Mastery materials, Stronghold Stones, and Gems.

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Relics of the past

The Pre-Wanted orb collection events will no longer occur. Similarly, we are converting the Wanted Challenge Bonus Points magical property because it is not needed in the Legendary Hunt. Instead it is becoming a Bonus Gold Reward magical property. This will enable you to receive extra gold when completing missions or Stronghold Raids.

The new Legendary Hunts, coming with the next Dungeon Hunter 5 update, will give you the opportunity to earn Legendary Gear and other powerful rewards! Get ready, it’s coming soon!

Download the Legendary Hunts now for Dungeon Hunter 5 on iOS, Android, and Windows. For more DH5 news and content, follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.