Dungeon Hunter 5 Update, what loot is Santa bringing you?

Dungeon Hunter 5

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You better not pout, you better not cry, because Santa is coming to Valenthia. That’s right, Father Christmas himself is bringing the holiday spirit to Gameloft’s action RPG, Dungeon Hunter 5.

The Valenthian Advent Calendar

There is a ton of festive fun in Dungeon Hunter 5’s Holidays update. By jumping in today, you will start receiving a daily gift from the Valenthian Advent Calendar. And logging into the game every day rewards you with increasingly impressive gifts. You had better hurry though, the clock is ticking and this event is already underway!


The playerbase has undergone a full seasonal makeover. With a snowy Christmas market, frost covered floors, and decorated trees - the moment you step into your home hub it truly feels like a winter wonderland.

Kringle is back

This year also sees the naughty Kringle return. Only the bravest bounty hunters can stop this creature’s Scrooge-like rampage across Valenthia and save the holidays. This is just one of multiple events that also includes a Special Wanted Challenge and Christmas Chests.

Get yourself into that Holiday spirit and prove your worth in special update-exclusive month-long events. Defeat the Vile Kringle and save Christmas!

Christmas Chests can only be opened by collecting special ornaments from quests or the Special Event. Gather enough of these and you can open a chest to win some amazing seasonal rewards like Christmas Minions and Gear. Talking of which…

Christmas gear and more

In keeping with this frosted theme, there are dozens of new pieces of armor and gear. Weapons harness an icy aesthetic to give them an appropriately festive vibe combined with a savage spiked edge. Gear takes a slightly more jolly approach, using warming greens and reds to make some snug new outfits for your bounty hunter.


Got a new item you are eager to try? Then Santa also has something in his sack for you - three new Christmas missions! The update doesn’t stop there either, with a new Guild Wars Shop and plenty more to keep you coming back.

Hurry up and grab this Dungeon Hunter 5 update right now, and start checking in everyday for new rewards. Be sure to stay tuned here for regular game updates, plus follow Dungeon Hunter 5 on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to get all the latest news as it drops.