Dungeon Hunter 5 update offers epic new challenges

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Welcome, Hero, to the newest Dungeon Hunter 5 update. Featuring a new Trinket System, you can now take even more of these powerful artifacts into battle. You can then test this new loadout in a revamped Trial of Elements. Shorter, more intense, and with a reworked difficulty, these trials are more rewarding than ever.

A little trinket

In DH5’s most recent update the Trinket System has been overhauled. If you have reached the maximum level you will find that you now have five Trinket Slots. This allows you to take a quintet of these powerful artifacts on quests, rather than three.


This provides you with more versatility to more fully customize your Bounty Hunter’s build to your play style. Pick a focus - like defense or attack - or try to become a balanced all-round fighter with a bit of everything.

Changes to the Trinket System are not restricted to the number you can hold. Trinkets no longer increase their tier along a linear path. While you still need a lower level trinket to craft a more powerful one, the resulting artifact is completely original – with new magical properties.


Jumping into the update you’ll notice that all of your old trinkets have been converted to this system. Plus, for every one you own you can craft two new trinkets of the same tier.

Try this system out by optimizing your loadout to suit your play style. You can then test your build by leaping into this update’s two new missions and ten levels with an additional Epic difficulty.

And this week!

Trial of Elements is also undergoing a big revamp in this update. It’s now energy free. This means you can battle against all 75 Waypoints without worrying about your Bounty Hunter becoming exhausted. Retry as many times as you like – but keep in mind you can’t redo finished levels.


This fortuitous timing because now the Trial of Elements now resets every Tuesday. That’s right, you have seven days to make your way through every Waypoint of the gauntlet to collect those rewards… then do it all again the following week!

More changes

Another change in the latest update is the arrival of the “Element of the Week”. This has every week’s Guild Wars and Wanted Challenge set to the same element - making it easier to move from one event to the next without rebuilding your loadout. To compliment this, Pre-Wanted Challenge chests are always going to earn you the opposite element to the week’s focus.

To help you prepare this cycle of Elements is on a set rotation. It is set to move from Water, to Light, on to Dark, after that its Nature, and finally Fire before starting all over again.

Push the limits of your attire far beyond your expectations in Dungeon Hunter 5 new update. Gather your strength and add a little magic to your equipment, since your resistance will be severely tested.

If you look at these changes and are thinking that it may clash with your Daily Dungeon activities, don’t worry. This update is changing the schedule of these activities to prevent clashes that would have you split your energy use.

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