Dungeon Hunter 5 is two years old, come and get presents

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Is it really two years since Dungeon Hunter 5 first graced my phone? Well, apparently so, and update 16 is here to celebrate that fact. Come and join the festivities.

This huge update delivers many rewards for all faithful DH5 players. This includes new missions, an additional tier of gear, a harder difficulty option, and UI improvements.


The birthday presents…

Two years of fantastic dungeon-crawling action and constant updates have seen Dungeon Hunter 5 constantly improving. But the team didn’t feel that this was enough of a reward for their loyal fans, so they want to spoil you with a daily calendar.

Logging in each day gives you the opportunity to get a selection of generous rewards - including weapons and armor - during this celebratory period.

the party…

This update also brings with it a stack of new content for you to swing your sword at (or any other weapon you choose).

Look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come with Dungeon Hunter 5's second anniversary!

To add more volume to the campaign, two new story missions have been added. Continue your adventure through Valenthia and the increasingly diverse world beyond.

Levels 1-31 have been given and additional Epic difficulty - further expanding Dungeon Hunter 5's solo experience. If you have already bested the three other difficulties, then attempt this challenge to earn even greater rewards.

If you are taking on this test, you'll be happy to hear there is also new gear to add to your expansive armory. The Adamant Alliance Armors and Weapons are currently being added, plus many more items are coming soon.


and the icing on the cake

Finally, Dungeon Hunter 5’s latest update also sees a host of UI and quality of life improvements. This allows players of all skills to find what they want quickly and easily.

The revamped UI lets you quickly get to options like Mail, News, and Friends from the Navigation Bar. You can also access the Bank, Hints, Home, and Shop from here.


This streamlining is also seen in the Playerbase. This has added the ability to access game modes from a single bar at the base of the screen, rather than having to access the Events menu.

Download Dungeon Hunter 5 (and the second anniversary update) now on Android, iOS, and Windows for free. Keep up with all the game’s news on the DH5 Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.