DH5 gets new Gear Set slots & Power Score

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Fellow Bounty Hunters! Following the feedback from the community, we are bringing some changes to the Gear Sets with the next Dungeon Hunter 5 update.

5 Arena Gear Set Slots

You will now have a total of 10 Gear Sets. Five of those will be reserved for the Arena only.

That way, when fighting in the Arena and swapping broken pieces of gear for undamaged ones, you will not modify your five basic Gear Sets. This base gear can then be used in the other game modes: Stronghold, Guild Wars, Wanted Challenge, Solo, etc.


Power Score

Defense and attack are not the only things to consider when choosing gear, and sometimes it is not easy to know for sure which Gear Set is really better than the others.

To help you out, we are adding a new statistic: the Power Score. This value takes into account everything you have equipped - armor, weapons, skills and trinkets - and gives you an overall score. You can see your opponents Power Score in the Arena as well, to help you choose your fights strategically.

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Dungeon Hunter 5 update!

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