Brave new challenges in Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5

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You know you must be brave to become a Bounty Hunter in Valenthia. Dungeon Hunter 5’s world of sell-swords, magic, and monsters is a dangerous place - but taking on its challenges can earn you fantastic loot and rewards. This is as true as ever in the game’s latest update. Use the new Power Score to find the best equipment, then survive fresh challenges to earn powerful tools and gear.

New dungeon and special event

Among its many additions, Gameloft’s latest update to its fantasy loot-athon brings a fresh dungeon and Summer Event to challenge your might.


The first of these is the exclusive Avenged Sevenfold dungeon. In partnership with this American band, the DH5 team has created a whole area for you to dive into and explore inspired by these Heavy Metal icons. Not only can you explore this unique area, but an exclusive track by the band is on hand to accompany you as you fight and earn gear.

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Another big addition in this update is a Special Summer Event. These Events are a regular feature of Dungeon Hunter 5, but this one is a real scorcher. Toil beneath the blazing sun as you fight for rewards in this limited time challenge.


Improvements for players of all levels

Additions do not stop there though, with many system changes to make the game more accessible for players of all levels. That’s right, there has never been a better time to jump in.

For newcomers you can experience a reworked streamlined tutorial that more seamlessly introduces all of the Dungeon Hunter 5’s systems - new and old. These changes then flow directly into early game improvements that make getting into the opening of this story even smoother.

We are proud to announce that the latest Dungeon Hunter 5 update - The Dark Summer - features the full-length version of “Dose”, the brand new Avenged Sevenfold song!

There are also huge additions for Dungeon Hunter 5 veterans with the new Power Score system and a 6th trinket slot being added to your inventory.

You can see more about Power Scores here but, in short, it gives you a single number for all your gear - allowing you to quickly compare the overall strength of your loadouts and how any changes impact their power. Plus utilizing that 6th trinket slot could further improve your loadout.


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All you long time Bounty Hunters can grab the latest update now, while new players wanting to begin their Dungeon Hunter 5 adventure today can download it now on iOS, Android, and Windows! For even more Dungeon Hunter 5 news and content, follow it on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.