Make your wyvern’s wants come true with Dragon’s Delight

Dragon Mania Legends

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An exciting new event has come to Dragon Mania Legends, The Dragon’s Delight (note: event runs until June 19th). This fun event offers fantastic rewards as you compete against other players to try and make your dragon’s desires come true. And, even if you don't win, you still end up with a happy brood.

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Fulfill your Dragon's desires

In Dragon’s Delight you must help your wyvern friends by finding them the toys they want. Using a fantastical machine, you will get a steady supply of gifts. Just drag these treats into place to match them with your dragon’s desires and you will quickly find yourself gaining happiness points. You will get an event boost (and another dragon will take its place) once your wyvern has all it desires.

If you don't have the toys your dragon wants you have a number of options available. You could swap out the dragon, altering what you are currently trying to match. Or, if this still doesn’t help, you could scrap all the toys currently available. This is free, but refilling the tubes after they are empty will cost you Dorbs.

Dorbs are earned in-game via a number of methods. You get them by collecting gold from habitats, breeding and feeding dragons, fighting, and by collecting them from around your island.


Climb the happy Leaderboard

Complete milestone requests by gaining enough Happiness Points to unlock special rewards.

Happiness Points also help you climb your group’s Leaderboard. When you start the event you are randomly placed with 50 other players. Make it all the way to the top of your group for this event and you can unlock the Machine Dragon. This Epic dragon is only available as a prize from Special Events. Who knows when you could earn this fantastic wyvern again - so try hard, and good luck.

Get involved with the Dragon’s Delight event in Dragon Mania Legends now by downloading the game on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can also keep up with all the latest DML news on YouTube and Instagram. Plus, for more on this special event stay tuned the game’s Facebook page .