Dragon Mania Legends’ five cutest dragons

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There are hundreds of charming dragons in Gameloft’s delightful Dragon Mania Legends, and all of them are absolutely adorable. But, while I do love and care for every one of my massive pets, there are some I feel more fondly of. Some of these dragons have large puppy dog eyes, others have kind hearts, and some have goofy smiles - but whatever it is that makes them different, I just find them cuter.

With that in mind, here is Gameloft Central’s list of five that I want by my side: the cutest dragons in Dragon Mania Legends.

Ice Dragon

The first dragon on the list was also the first of the five I unlocked. After putting my Wind and Water Dragons together, I got an egg so cold no amount of hugging would warm it up. I knew that soon my first Ice Dragon would hatch.


Watching this chilly chap emerge from its egg of frozen water for the first time gave me a warm feeling inside. While it may seem backwards, its frosted face and large eyes peering up at me instantly melted my heart. In fact it warmed me so much I had to have some ice-cream to cool down.

Rainbow Dragon

Next a more colorful character. My Rainbow Dragon was an unexpected arrival after I paired my Water and Energy Dragons. Its pearlescent shell instantly had me curious, while the colorful little lightning bolts that sat on top of the egg constantly drew my eye as I waited for it to hatch.


If my eyes were drawn to it before it hatched, after I couldn’t pull them away from this colorful cutie. This energetic dragon is beautiful to behold. It’s just a shame it can be hard to see it sometimes because it only comes out to play after it rains!

Candy Dragon

Rainbow Dragon isn’t the only colorful character that caught my attention - the Candy Dragon is another vivid addition to Dragolandia. A welcome arrival after I partnered up my Water and Plant Dragons, this sweet treat was quite the surprise.


You'll know that you have been lucky enough to get a Candy Dragon the moment you see its vibrant shell. It only gets better once it cracks too. With stubby little legs, candy-cane horns, a curly tail, and its tongue lolling from its mouth this delicious dragon is as cute as it is tasty.

Plant Dragon

The most eco-friendly dragon is also one of the cutest: introducing the Plant Dragon. Unlike previous creatures on the list, this little one is a base dragon that I unlocked from the Dragon Store. One hour after I purchased it, the berry like egg blossomed to reveal this wide-eyed character.


Walking on its two hind legs, the upright Plant Dragon is gorgeous. Beautiful big eyes can peer into your soul, while the end of its tail looks like a delicious black cherry. Plus - while I always make sure that my green friend is well fed - if for any reason I do miss a day, I don't have to worry too much because it thrives on sunlight.

Dust Dragon

The final pick of my five cuddly critters is the Dust Dragon. Resulting from a meeting of Wind and Earth dragons, this dry lil’ guy is always surrounded by swirling sand. It gets everywhere. Even the egg of this dehydrated dragon looks arid and is covered in cracks.


But, once hatched, it doesn’t let its parched life get it down. Quite the opposite in fact because this chap is filled with joy. Bouncing around the screen, with its feathery wings flapping, it's hard not to fall for the Dust Dragon’s exuberance. Plus, I love its dry sense of humor.

Which is your favorite?

That is our list of the five cutest dragons in Dragon Mania Legends. Let us know if you like different ones in the comments below - and vote on which of our picks you like the most.

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