An update to make all dragon trainers happy

Dragon Mania Legends

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Dragon Mania Legend fans should be overjoyed because the game’s latest update has landed! There is a fun new event and a host of other improvements to make life easier for all you dragon trainers. It’s time to get gleeful.

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We are happy and we know it

Prepare to get ecstatic for DML's next big event. This Limited Time Event is designed to make all of your dragons’ dreams become reality. I don't know everything about this event yet - but what I do know is that it features a weird device. Known as the Dragon’s Delight, this bizarre machine has the power to deliver unique gifts for your dragons!

I, for one, can’t wait to try out this tantalizing tech and discover what bonuses are available!

Build your brood... and show it off!


If this magical machine is not enough for you, then the update also brings a number of other improvements. Of course every trainer enjoys showing off the rarest and treasured dragons in their brood. This is now easier than ever, because the Book of Dragons has been improved. Updating this Codex has made every element of the tome more accessible so you can search through your collection with ease!

This is helped further by improved Dragon Collections. Overhauling the previous method of categorization, the updated system means that it is now simple to organize and sort your collection.

Finally, a new level-up chart is available to make sure things look that little bit shinier when you show off your progress to friends.

Start building the ultimate collection of dragons in Dragon Mania Legends! Download the game and update 19 on iOS, Android, and Windows. Be sure to follow DML on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to make sure you never miss a trick.