Matching Adventures in a Majestic Quest!

Disney Princess Majestic Quest

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Royal families, lovely kingdoms, fantastic adventures, and puzzling games: our recipe for Disney Princess Majestic Quest!

The new game is full of Disney Princess fun while you work your way through puzzle after puzzle. Disney Princess Majestic Quest follows each Princess as they save their kingdoms with your help.

Magical Storms and Royal Ruins

Up in the sky! The stars themselves are falling and the Majestic Quest begins!

Our Disney Princess story goes from the skies of Agrabah to the depths of Atlanica and everywhere far and wide beyond. On what was a normal day… something truly enchanting occurs!

A magic storm of colorful comets and a mysterious golden glow appears.

It’s time to team up with Jasmine, Ariel, Belle and more in Disney Princess Majestic Quest. They need your help restoring kingdoms and castles after the storm left every palace in ruins.

So get your thinking caps on as you meet Disney Princesses, solve puzzles, and restore happiness throughout the realms.


Save the Kingdoms!

Disney Princess Majestic Quest puts your strategy skills to the test in a variety of Match 3 puzzles. Find the perfect combination of colors and witness all the magic that comes with a masterful match.

As a result of the damage caused by the storm, the boards come in a variety of twisted shapes and tangled configurations.

Don’t fret! It’s not all grim and glum as you move along the magnificent journey. If you ever find yourself stuck in a jam, there is always a Disney Princess cheering and guiding you on.

Never give up! There’s always a way out of a bind!                                                      

When you line everything up just right, the board will light up in a flurry of magic and colors, taking you one step closer to saving the kingdoms.

Outside of the puzzles, the story of the magic storm unfolds before your eyes. Disney Princesses from every realm rise to the occasion as strong rulers in special cut scenes.

Of course, our beloved princesses aren’t doing this all alone. Our royal friends like to ask for advice whenever there’s an important decision to be made!


A Majestic Quest Awaits

There are a few royal surprises waiting for everyone who pre-registers!

If you sign up now you’ll be getting some sweet in-game currency along with a few boosters as you set out on your majestic quest.

Do you love puzzles and Disney? Then pre-register now for Disney Princess Majestic Quest!