Win 10,000 Seeds in Dead Rivals with Eray Feyzi

Dead Rivals

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UK YouTuber, Eray Feyzi, is working with the Dead Rivals team to create a series of videos on Gameloft’s zombie MMO. These videos are designed to help survivors begin their journey into the apocalyptic wastelands of Colorado.

And, to give new players an even bigger leg up, each of these videos is accompanied by a Sweepstakes! All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions in the video and you could be in with a chance to win 10,000 Seeds in-game!

Start surviving

Eray Feyzi’s first video in this series highlights the importance of strengthening your character in the early stages of the game. First, Eray chooses to enhance his skills. By using Seeds he is able to unlock more devastating levels of power for his Ground Pound and Spin Attack, making them even more effective in battle.

Eray also explains the importance of improving equipment. Both weapons and armor upgrades are demonstrated, using the in-game resource of CPUs. This, in combination with skill enhancement, is a vital step to ensuring your character is strong enough to survive.

It may seem fairly obvious to long time MMO players, but it’s still an important lesson. After all, forgetting to make these improvements can hugely impact your chances of success as things start to get harder. In fact, in the video, you will see that this was the only way Eray was able to fight his way through the more advanced missions, even in the early game.


A chance to win 10,000 Seeds!

The first of Eray Feyzi’s Dead Rivals videos and Sweepstakes is live now, so you can enter today. Just watch the video to find out how. To be in with even more chances to win, you must keep an eye out for two more videos. The next of these will be released on April 23rd, with the giveaway running until April 30th. This will be followed with a third video on May 7th. Again this will run for one week, with winners being decided on May 14th.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it! Be sure to follow the instructions to be in with a chance to take home the prize of 10,000 Seeds. As always, do read the Terms and Conditions to be sure you are eligible to enter the competition. You can find those here.


And to jump in on the undead action, download Dead Rivals now! You can also join the growing DR community on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.