World of Gameloft Cup Semi-Final: Iron Blade vs March of Empires


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It is time for the first World of Gameloft Cup semi-final. This match has Iron Blade go toe-to-toe with March of Empires and will run until July 9th at 10:00 AM UTC. These medieval heavyweights fought hard for their place here, but none of that matters now as they both prepare for the game ahead. Vote for your favorite game below to help decide which one makes it to the final on July 12th.

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Swords and chivalry

Iron Blade had a close fight to make it through to the World of Gameloft semi-finals. It won its first game with 56% of the vote in a back-and-forth that had me on the edge of my seat as I regularly checked the score. Can Gameloft's medieval action game repeat this performance with the support of its brotherhood of fans in order to reach the final?

While March of Empires' path to the final was a little less nail-biting, it wasn't without challenge. Ultimately, however, its community of Kings, Tsars, and Sultans managed to lead Gameloft's medieval strategy game to a decisive victory. Can these same dedicated rulers carry the title to victory again?

Our first finalist!


March of Empires wins!

Promote your favorite game to increase its chances of winning! Talking of which, below is a full list of each game's social channels.


Iron Blade | Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


March of Empires | Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

This first semi-final is going to run until July 9th at 10:00 AM UTC, that’s nearly three days of voting. So, you and your fellow fans have plenty of time to get the word out about your favorite title. Also on July 9th, the second semi-final is going to kick off. Vote in that to help influence which game the winner of this match faces in the final on July 12th.