World of Gameloft Cup Final: March of Empires vs Sniper Fury


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It is time for the World of Gameloft Cup final. After almost three weeks of intense competition between some of Gameloft's greatest mobile games, we are into the last round. This will decide the events overall Champion as voted for by you: the game’s fans. But who will emerge with the gold, March of Empires or Sniper Fury?

The two finalists are very different games. However, they do have one thing in common: a driven and dedicated player base. And I think both titles will agree they are delighted by their fans' passion, and humbled by their support.

And, having delivered them to this final stage, it’s now time for the ultimate showdown between the medieval strategy game, March of Empires, and the long-range FPS, Sniper Fury. Whose fans will carry them to the final? This is it, cast your vote now!

And the Champion is...


And the winner is Sniper Fury!

Cast your vote for your favorite game, then spread the word on social media to help them build their lead!

MoE Cup Final image

March of Empires | Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


Sniper Fury | Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Check back here on the 15th of July to discover which of these incredible games will become the World of Gameloft Cup Champion!