World of Gameloft Cup: Modern Combat Versus vs Gangstar Vegas


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It is the third quarter-final of the World of Gameloft Cup - and we are fast closing in on the Semi-Finals. For the next 48 hours, you can place your votes for either the next generation of mobile FPS, Modern Combat Versus, or cast your lot in with the open-world action crime epic, Gangstar Vegas. Which game's fans are going to make their title the champion?

Win it for your team

Squad based FPS games on mobile have never looked better than the latest game in Gameloft's long-running shooter franchise. Modern Combat Versus allows you to take control of a variety of different Agents, each with their own specialties on the battlefield. Work with three other players in intense 4v4 matches in this fight for supremacy. With a strong competitive community around this game, fans should be keen to push this through to the semi-finals.

MCVS faces Gangstar Vegas. With a huge open-world, a stack of content, and lots of experience, this action game is certainly set to mount a challenge. Jumping into this game you play as Jason. With the mob after you, your only chance for survival is to take over the criminal underworld of America's city of sin. Drive fight and shoot your way to dominance in this expansive experience. Gangstars should vote for this one below!

We have a winner!


Modern Combat Versus takes it!

Remind your fellow fans to vote on the game's own social media and your own! You can find each game's channels here (and don't forget to subscribe):


Modern Combat Versus | Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.


Gangstar Vegas | Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The results of this match and the final quarter-final will be live on Central on July 4th. Come back then to see Modern Combat 5 take on Sniper Fury for the final slot in the semi-finals.