Discover your Valentine Game and Partner, with Gameloft Dating!


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It's that time of year again when we want a special someone to play with. Well, do not worry, because the world of Gameloft is filled with wonderful characters for you to spend time with this Valentine's Day. Simply hop on to the widget below, pick the characters you like, and our advanced algorithm will select your perfect gaming Bae. After that, you can play alongside your Valentine game date by downloading them!

You can also take last year's Valentine's Day quiz.

The process is simple, click on the swipe left button to reject a character or right to accept them! At the end of the process, Gameloft Dating will calculate the perfect partner for you.

Let us know in the comments which Valentine game and character the app chose for you. And, if you disagree with the decision made for you, be sure to tell us who you think is your perfect Gameloft playmate in the comments or on Facebook.

Find your Valentine game date!