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If you were paying attention last week then you will have noticed that our Community Manager, Matt, announced a new feature, “Ask Gameloft”. His plan? To use these regular videos to give in-depth responses to the questions you want answered most by picking FAQs from the comments.

Ask and we will answer

This is the first of these videos - Ask Gameloft #1! We had lots of great questions come in and Matt picked eight amazing ones to answer. I am not going to give away his responses - for that you will have to watch - but below the video you can read the questions:

Thanks to everyone for sending questions in. For our first #AskGameloft video, we talk release dates, disappearing apps, online connectivity and a lot more!

When will this game release? (You can pick any new game you like, this is perhaps the most popular question we receive).

Where is NOVA 4?

Why do games disappear from the App Store?

Will Gangstar New Orleans have multiplayer?

Why do so many current Gameloft games require an internet connection?

Why do some multiplayer games require a Wi-Fi connection?

your questions answered

Is Gameloft hiring? (Okay, small spoiler: you can get more information about this on the Gameloft Careers page).

Why is Gameloft called ‘Gameloft’?

And that is it for Ask Gameloft #1. Be sure to keep the questions coming into #AskGameloft on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and in the comments. Matt will be back with more answers for you soon.