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Ask Gameloft is a new video feature that will strive to answer all the questions you have about your favorite Gameloft games. Each week our Community Manager, Matt, will pick a selection of interesting and common queries from the comments and reply to them in detail. Let us know what you want to know and tag it #AskGameloft.

Got a burning question for our game teams? Want to know more about Gameloft itself? Or maybe you just want to know what our favorite games are? Send us your questions for a new weekly mailbag series, #AskGameloft!

Deep dive

We try to answer all of your questions, but some questions are more probing and require more discussion to get the in-depth responses they deserve. To get these answers we have to talk to the relevant game teams for the full story. And this is exactly what Ask Gameloft will allow us to do.

Ask Gameloft was inspired by our recent N.O.V.A. Legacy QA video. We got some great questions, and it gave Matt the opportunity to quiz the team in Madrid about the game in more detail. Check that video out to get a better idea of what Ask Gameloft is going to look like.

Want to know more about #NOVALegacy? We've answered a few of the most common questions fans have been asking.

Just the facts

Do keep in mind that, unfortunately, there are somethings we might not be able to answer. Game development is a complicated process, and details are not always concrete. This means that sometimes teams can’t confirm things with us because they are liable to change.

Come and Ask Gameloft. You can throw your questions in the comments below, on the YouTube video, or on Facebook with the hashtag #AskGameloft.