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City Mania

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City Mania is Gameloft's new city-building game. Take control of a whole town simulation, constructing incredible architecture to attract fun and friendly citizens. But, if you want to know more before you download it, then we can tell you all you need to know in 60 seconds.

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Build your dream city

City Mania puts the power to build your dream city in the palm of your hand. Construct the most marvelous municipality your mind can muster by choosing from hundreds of unique buildings.

As it grows your city becomes ever more impressive. Perhaps the pinnacle of this are skyscrapers. To create these you must max out two adjacent buildings and fuse them together. The resulting superstructure offers all kinds of specializations like Entertainment and Sustainability to provide you with extra perks.

To make your city stand out even further you can construct iconic landmarks from other famous cities.


Bigger is better

The bigger and better your city, the more of City Mania’s comical characters come to town. These cheerful citizens all have distinct personalities to enjoy - like the brawny construction worker.

You can send these new “Bizzies” on missions to keep them busy. As they work they generate experience and resource rewards - helping you further improve your city. It's also possible to assign you Bizzies jobs in buildings to gain extra crafting slots and decrease timers.


But any proud city owner will want their friends to visit! Let other players come to your city and showcase your imagination… or visit others to get some ideas for yourself.

Begin your architectural masterpiece today by downloading City Mania.

City Mania is out now for Android, iOS, and Windows. Follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all of the latest news.