City Mania lets you build the city of your dreams

City Mania

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Have you ever wanted to build, create, and customize the city of your dreams? Well Gameloft’s awesome new city builder, City Mania, puts all of these powers in the palm of your hand. Every decision in this quirky world is yours – just be sure to keep an eye on the citizens who move in to make sure you are meeting their needs.

Build bigger

City Mania gives you the chance to construct the most marvelous municipality your mind can muster. There are hundreds of unique buildings to choose from as you expand the boarders of your domain.


With your city growing increasingly impressive, you can expect City Mania's many comical characters to move into town. Your cheerful new citizens all have their own distinct personalities to enjoy. Just check out the macho construction worker – who is a student of the People’s Eyebrow.

The new inhabitants of your city need work. Send your “Bizzies” missions to keep them busy and happy. Sit back and collect the experience and resource rewards they bring you, and then use these bonuses to improve and expand. You can also provide them with jobs in buildings to gain extra crafting slots and decrease timers.


Alongside infrastructure you can also construct iconic landmarks from other famous cities. From Paris’s Eiffel Tower to the Seattle Space Needle, there are loads on hand from which to pick. Place these around your ever expanding map to impress the inhabitants and give them something to brag about.

Build better

Just being big isn’t enough to be an exceptional city. You must also build better, with advanced skyscrapers that offer all kinds of useful specializations.


In City Mania, two buildings that are next to each other and which have reached their maximum level can be fused into super-structures that reach to the sky. These buildings also offer specializations, like Entertainment and Sustainability, which provide you with extra perks and benefits. Yup, Fusion is the key to city-building success.

Take pride in your expansion. Show it off to other players… or visit their towns to “borrow” ideas with City Mania’s online options. Visit friends for inspiration, then use this to aid in building the greatest home for your citizens.

City Mania is launching soon! Prepare your fingers for the latest and greatest city building experience on mobile. Dream big, build bigger!

Begin building your masterpiece today by downloading City Mania on Android, iOS, and Windows. Find out more by following the game on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.