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War Planet Online in One Minute

War Planet Online is Gameloft's new military strategy game. Build your HQ, expand your forces, and prepare to do battle with players all over the world as you fight for global conquest. To ensure victory, you must prepare - and this video gets you up to speed in just 60 seconds. Need to know even…
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Begin the battle for global conquest in War Planet Online

Prepare for a battle that spans the Earth in War Planet Online Global Conquest. Gameloft’s latest modern warfare strategy game has you facing other players, on a real world map, with the ability to watch battles play out in real-time. You must manage your nation's military, practice your political punch, and become an economic entrepreneur…
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Pre-register and prepare for War Planet Online

Taking the fight global, Gameloft’s new War Planet Online is a modern military strategy game that will tax even the most experienced Generals. This fight takes place on a real-world map, and you will have to form alliances with others around the globe. But to get an advantage the moment the game launches you can…
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