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Begin your march down the Path of Glory

Prepare to raid your opponent’s coffers, and secure your grip on the throne with March of Empires's latest update. Bursting with new features and balance changes – this is one update worth going to war for. Plus, with lots of tweaks to make the game easier to start for new players, there could be more…
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Continuing the advance in March of Empires

The advance of Gameloft’s strategy game, March of Empires, continues with update 12. It brings with it new ways of governing your Region, upgrades to Faction Units, and a other improvements. This is an update worthy of an Emperor. Rule with a firm hand Whether you are a Knight, Sultan, or Tsar you need a…
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A strategic game of war and empires

Take control of a medieval empire, forge Alliances, and attack your foes in March of Empires - Gameloft’s free-to-play city management and strategy game. Stepping back into an age of war, March of Empires has you play as a Knight, a Tsar, or a Sultan. In your new position of power you must battle with…
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